The Quiet Corner Initiative (QCI) is the outreach and engagement arm of the Yale Forests. It was created in 2010 to improve the capacity for sustainable land management and stewardship in northeastern Connecticut. QCI brings together Yale faculty and students, Quiet Corner landowners, the local forest products industry, and conservation organizations to work together on issues of land management, conservation, and stewardship. QCI’s programming focuses on three main topic areas: the promotion of sound forestland management, the development of renewable energy, and the expansion of small-scale agriculture.

QCI focuses primarily on the towns of Ashford, Eastford, Union, and Woodstock in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner. The 7,840-acre Yale-Myers Forest spans all four towns and is among the oldest sustainably managed forests in the nation. Using Yale-Myers Forest as an anchor, QCI aims to ensure that the Quiet Corner can maintain healthy forest ecosystems and sustainable rural livelihoods into the future. Through clinical projects, research, and public events, QCI supports local forest and farm owners in learning, sharing, and realizing their goals – both for their land and for the broader region.

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